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Dr. Steven C. Cramer is a Professor of Neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the Medical Director of Research at the California Rehabilitation Institute. Dr. Cramer graduated with Highest Honors from University of California, Berkeley; received his medical degree from University of Southern California; did a residency in internal medicine at UCLA; and did a residency in neurology plus and a fellowship in cerebrovascular disease at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also earned a Masters Degree in Clinical Investigation from Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on neural repair after central nervous system injury in humans, with an emphasis on stroke and on recovery of movement. Treatments examined include robotic, stem cell, monoclonal antibody, brain stimulation, drug, and telehealth methods. Dr. Cramer has been awarded the Stroke Rehabilitation Award from the American Heart Association and the Barbro B. Johansson Award in Stroke Recovery from the World Stroke Organization, co-edited the book “Brain Repair after Stroke”, and is the author of over 250 manuscripts.